About Me

I love people. I love how each individual person is just that, an individual. Completely unique from another. And yet, in that uniqueness, there is something each person has, the need to be known. The need to belong. That’s why family photos are so important to me. They capture a moment in time with the people we belong to, the ones we cling to and need.

I grew up in a home where we took pictures of EVERYTHING. Birthdays, holidays, snow days, bike riding days, you name it. It’s evidenced in the boxes and boxes of photo albums and containers we packed up at my parents’ house a few weeks ago. I have always enjoyed getting to look through those albums and adding more photos to them. There is something deep in my soul that comes alive with those memories. Laughter, love, good times and bad. But more than that, I have a sense of “this is where I belong. With this family. With these people. My people.”

So when the kids are cranky, totally not wanting to take a photo, Grandpa just won’t look in to the camera, and sister can’t stop laughing…these are your people. And this is a moment to capture those you belong with. So let’s have fun with some photos and not miss out on an opportunity to capture “your people.”