May 10, 2015



The Lord had a specific calling on her life that began to take shape 33 years ago. He wanted her to live each day, the rest of her days, as someone’s mom. But He put a desire in her that wasn’t to just raise children, but to raise children that would know, without any doubt, that she loved them and would be there for them no matter what life’s circumstances may bring. And she committed to the Lord that she would teach them about Him, with a prayer that they would know and love Jesus. And she would pray fervently that they would give their lives to the Lord and passionately pursue Him and His Kingdom.

I know her days were not easy. Being a stay-at-home mom with 2 little ones, there must have been days she wanted to pull her hair out. But I never knew it if she did. I only knew that she loved us and enjoyed us and delighted in just being with us. And as I think back on the 32 years that she has been my mom, that has still been her theme over our lives. She loves us, enjoys us and simply delights in just being with us. What a sweet example of our Lord she has been.

With each passing year, my desire to one day be a mom grows. And so do my questions of “how”. And then I think about my mom. And how she just loved the Lord. And knew her children were His. And her calling was to love them well and lead them to Jesus. Through imperfections, stressful days, chaotic school schedules, and whatever the day may bring, her calling was to love Jesus and to love us well.

And she is still committed to that calling, and I am forever blessed because of that.



Love you Mommasita!


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