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DSC_3014 webIf you would have told me 3 years ago that this is where I’d be today, I’m not sure I would have believed you. I wouldn’t have been able to grasp that as truth in the midst of trying to seek joy in the loneliness and dreams unmet.

But then maybe you’d tell me that I’m about to learn lessons I will never forget. That I’m about to see and experience the Lord in a way I could only imagine. That the yearning would soon be satisfied by a deeper understanding of my need for and life in only Christ.

That He would come.

Because He always does.

That is what I was desperately holding on to 3 years ago. Life was different. I was 30 years old, single, and holding tightly to the Lord as I had for many years while I waited. I was waiting for so many dreams and desires to play out in my life. And it was about this time that I was finally learning to grasp all that the Lord was showing me and doing in my life that were for His Kingdom in this long season. My waiting on the Lord had transformed in to waiting with the Lord as I finally began to grasp that He is all I need. That the desires He had put in my heart were truly from Him, but that even if they were never met, He was all I needed. And He was still so good.  My heart, though lonely at times, was truly full.

Three years ago, I was heading home from Brussels, Belgium. My team was part of the beginning stages of our church pursuing an on-going ministry relationship with a local Brussels church. I spent the trip photographing a city and people I was falling in love with. I was realizing, again, that I was truly thankful for the waiting. If I had not been single, I probably wouldn’t be coming home from the 6th country I’ve travelled to on mission trips. The Lord is good. And I was standing with a full heart in this truth: the journey of the wait is hard, but SO GOOD.

Little did I know that in a little over a week, this season of waiting would be coming to an end.

I was about to meet the man I was waiting for.

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The Lord had a specific calling on her life that began to take shape 33 years ago. He wanted her to live each day, the rest of her days, as someone’s mom. But He put a desire in her that wasn’t to just raise children, but to raise children that would know, without any doubt, that she loved them and would be there for them no matter what life’s circumstances may bring. And she committed to the Lord that she would teach them about Him, with a prayer that they would know and love Jesus. And she would pray fervently that they would give their lives to the Lord and passionately pursue Him and His Kingdom.

I know her days were not easy. Being a stay-at-home mom with 2 little ones, there must have been days she wanted to pull her hair out. But I never knew it if she did. I only knew that she loved us and enjoyed us and delighted in just being with us. And as I think back on the 32 years that she has been my mom, that has still been her theme over our lives. She loves us, enjoys us and simply delights in just being with us. What a sweet example of our Lord she has been.

With each passing year, my desire to one day be a mom grows. And so do my questions of “how”. And then I think about my mom. And how she just loved the Lord. And knew her children were His. And her calling was to love them well and lead them to Jesus. Through imperfections, stressful days, chaotic school schedules, and whatever the day may bring, her calling was to love Jesus and to love us well.

And she is still committed to that calling, and I am forever blessed because of that.



Love you Mommasita!


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First post of the new year! If this is your first time on the blog, thanks for visiting! I have a goal to not only post my sessions on here, but to also include some personal posts. To use my photos and writing to tell my story and let you in on this life the Lord lets me live.

I am so excited about 2015 and what it will bring for this business. The Lord has really refreshed my heart and given me a new vision on why I do this, why I work to make a living being a creative. It’s more than just having the desire to create beautiful images that stand out from the rest. Every time I hand a client their photos, I have this hope that when they look through them, they will get this sense of belonging. A sense of who they are, where they came from, and where they are now. That emotions would be stirred as they see the family members in those photos, and remember the laughter and sweet moments during their session.

So here’s a glimpse in to the new vision for Sara E Photography. All of my sessions, mini sessions, and workshops (yep, you read that right!) will have this vision and purpose in mind. The section below is what is now posted on the About section of my website:

I love people. I love how each individual person is just that, an individual. Completely unique from another. And yet, in that uniqueness, there is something each person has, the need to be known. The need to belong. That’s why family photos are so important to me. They capture a moment in time with the people we belong to, the ones we cling to and need.

I grew up in a home where we took pictures of EVERYTHING. Birthdays, holidays, snow days, bike riding days, you name it. It’s evidenced in the boxes and boxes of photo albums and containers we packed up at my parents’ house a few weeks ago. I have always enjoyed getting to look through those albums and adding more photos to them. There is something deep in my soul that comes alive with those memories. Laughter, love, good times and bad. But more than that, I have a sense of “this is where I belong. With this family. With these people. My people.”

So when the kids are cranky, totally not wanting to take a photo, Grandpa just won’t look in to the camera, and sister can’t stop laughing…these are your people. And this is a moment to capture those you belong with. So let’s have fun with some photos and not miss out on an opportunity to capture “your people.”